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The Best Microgaming Video Poker

Microgaming is one of the oldest and most respected online casino software companies in the online gaming industry, and players often rate their video poker games the best.

Powering hundreds of online casinos with their fabulous brand of graphically superb casino games has made them a household name throughout the world to online gamblers. When you see an online casino you recognize immediately the games offered because of the quality and quantity of each specific category of games including their vast array of video poker games.

Microgaming software currently offers over 54 video poker games that are split up between styles, number of hands playable and wagering amounts. For players who love video poker, Microgaming has the most variety and the best graphics which are clear, realistic and have built in options to make your gaming experience personal and comfortable.

One Of the Best In Microgaming Casinos
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Since most Microgaming Casinos have over 300 games or more, the varieties of video poker variations are extensive:

  •  Progressive Games

  •  Straight Video Poker – single hand

  •  Bonus Video Poker

  •  Joker Wild Video Poker

  •  Deuces Wild Video Poker

  •  Power Play Video Poker – 4, 10, 50, 100 hands

  •  Double Double Bonus Video Poker

  •  Deuces & Joker Wild Video Poker

  •  100 Play Double Joker
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All multi hand games [including 4, 10, 50 and 100 hands] are played with as many decks of cards as there are hands. If you’re playing a 100 hand game, then 100 decks are used so there is one deck per hand.

The main hand, which is the big hand that’s at the bottom of the screen shows the cards that ALL your hands are starting off with. So if your main hand is made up of – a pair of deuces, 10spades, king hearts and the jack of clubs and you choose to hold the two deuces, than all 100 hands will start off with a pair of deuces.

Then when you hit the draw button each hand will be dealt draw cards from their own decks. The payout screen is on the left of the video poker game and any winning hands you have will show over there so you do not have to look through each and every hand. A tally of your wins will be totaled there and the outcome will be added to your coin balance.

Double Double Bonus Poker is an exceptional video poker game that is enjoyed by many online gamblers because of the unique added feature that’s added to a straight up poker game. In Double Double Bonus Poker you not only get a win for any 4 of a kind hand, but each type of four of a kind is worth more than others!

  •  4 xs’s Fives through Aces are worth the normal payout but the extra winning hands can consist of any 4xs Aces with a 2, 3 or 4 kicker as the fifth card. These different types of hands will pay an extra amount of coins with the most being paid on a max coin bet.

  •  Coin bets can be between 1 – 5 coins and the highest paying hand is the Royal Flush which is worth 4000 coins on a max coin bet [5].

Another popular video poker game at Microgaming casinos is the All American 10 Play Power Pay. This game is popular among players because it has a wide range of wagering sizes starting as low as 10 cents per hand and going up to $10 per hand bet.

A Royal Flush which is the highest paying hand in this game pays out 4000 coins at max bet which is $40,000! Also included in the pay chart in All American 10 play are 4 of a kind pay offs for different types including 4 Aces, 4 Deuces, Threes or Fours. Each will give the online video poker play a nice size coin jackpot especially if betting high and big.

One last thing about Microgaming Video Poker is the “Double up” feature which is very risky if chosen but very lucrative if won! After you have a winning wager, you are given the option to Double up your winnings, where you will be taken to a bonus screen where you will play a card game of higher or lower against the dealer card. If you choose correctly you will double your winnings, but if you are wrong you lose your winnings from the last won hand. So be very careful with this option, you could lose and end up with nothing.

Microgaming has the best games and video poker players will be very pleased with the selection and styles of video poker games available. With a history of fair play and trustworthy software and recommendations we're sure anyone who chooses to gamble at any Microgaming Casino that we have listed here will be happy and hopefully a huge winner! Happy Gaming.

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