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Online Casinos with Rival Video Poker Games

Rival Software has a very limited video poker selection, but the ones they do provide are some of the most popular and player friendly of the video poker games available.

Hopefully in the coming months, Rival Gaming will introduce more varieties of video poker games to their casinos which they have been consistently doing with their slot games. There are more and more Rival powered casinos entering the online gaming world and here at Video Poker World we have a list of preferred sites for those who wish to enter into the Rival video poker galaxy.

The graphics that are displayed at all Rival casinos are technically satisfactory especially with their video poker games and table games, but their slot games are superb.

Video poker at Rival casinos are easy to play and understand. The games come in single hand or multi hand games with a coin range that starts as low as 5 cents per hand and goes as high as $5 per hand which can win you a pretty penny of some of these hot poker games!

Some of the video poker games come with double up options where you can try to double your winnings on your last hand. This can be a risky adventure because if you lose in the bonus round you collect no winnings for the winning hand, but if you happen to be on a lucky streak you can keep on doubling your winnings and walk away with a nice chuck of change, like in the thousands of dollars!

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The video poker games offered at Rival Casinos:

  •  Aces & Faces

  •  Deuces & Jokers Wild Poker - Win up to 10,000 coins on a single hand!

  •  Deuces Wild

  •  Double Joker Wild

  •  Jacks or Better

  •  Joker Poker - 5000 coin jackpot for a natyral royal flush.

  •  Tens or Better

Although not near as an extensive extensive list of games like some other online casinos provide, but the best of the best are found here and they are all safe, secure and fair.

Some features found at Rival Video Poker games include the Auto Hold option. This option is great for the new player or someone who isn’t sure of the order in which poker hands pay or someone who is learning the strategy to poker and wants to have an extra opinion of which cards to hold and which cards to let go.

This feature automatically holds the best cards in your hand after the deal. The ones that are held you keep, and then you will draw new cards for the other cards that are not being held to make your best hand.

But you always have the option of keeping different cards if you wish, all you have to do is click on each of the hold buttons of the held cards to “unhold” them. There is also an option in the “options” button on the screen of the casino to get rid of the “held” option all together, the choice is yours and that’s what makes this feature a good one.


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The Double Up Feature:

Even though we already explained above what this feature does; now let's look at how to use it.

When you have a winning hand you will be given the option to “collect” your winnings or “double up”. If you chose to double up you will be taken to a separate screen where there will be five cards on a table. One will be facing up this is the dealer’s card. You job is to pick one of the four remaining cards, which are faced down and try to beat the dealers card.

Simple right? Lol…..Well it could be, you have a 25% chance you will pick a card that is higher than the dealers card and once you pick if your correct you will double your last hands winnings and you will be asked if you wish to double up again! But if you lose game over, you lose and remember there’s no crying in video poker!

So it’s an exciting option but a risky one, so play your cards closely and play smart.

A couple of incentives for those who have never played at a Rival powered casino. They have a couple of games that will let you walk away with over $25,000 if you hit the top hand!

Deuces & Jokers Wild Poker has a fantastic top prize of 10,000 coins for hitting 4 deuces and 1 joker at max bet which happens to be $5, so if your betting max bet and hit this hand you will win $50,000!

Also Joker Poker has a 5000 coin jackpot for a Natural Royal Flush which means if your betting $5 per bet and you hit this baby, you will win yourself $25,000! Nice days earnings don’t ya think? .

So Rival powered casinos may have a limited number of Video Poker games, but the ones they do have can make you a very happy player! Happy Gaming

Visit one of our recommended Rival Casinos, download the software and create an account and you can be enjoying a good game of video poker in minutes.


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