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Known for their competitive game line up and unique style of graphics, the online casino game software company Vegas Technology, was developed originally by Odds On in 1998 and re-introduced to the online gaming world in 2003 as Vegas Technology.

Proudly named one of the best online casino games providers to many top rated online casinos, Vegas Technology has earned a reputation of reliability and player enjoyment since their conception.

Offering all types and styles of online casino games including an impressive list of video poker games. All of the online casinos that use the Vegas Technology software are reputable, trustworthy and professional with their payout percentages, customer support, and realistic games and safe, secure banking methods.

This means online gamblers can enjoy superior game play at all the offered video poker games and can expect a fun and exciting experience at any of our listed Vegas Technology casinos.

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The Vegas Style video poker games at Vegas Technology Casinos :

  •  Jacks or Better

  •  Aces & Faces

  •  Tens or Better

  •  Deuces & Joker Poker

  •  Joker Poker

  •  Double Joker Poker

  •  Deuces Wild Poker
Different Variations of Poker and Video Poker
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Each of the above games come in “Single” hand games or “Multi” hand games making all of the video poker games player friendly and affordable to all types of gamblers.

If you’re a small time better looking to enjoy their time gambling and limiting yourself to a budget there are video poker games that start with bets as low as 5 cents per hand. For those looking to bet high and win big there are video poker games which let you bet as high as $100 per hand!

There is a wide range of betting options for each and every video poker game available at Vegas Technology casinos making them well worth your while to visit and try.

With an outstanding reputation for customer support and casino management, combined with player friendly games and great winning ratios, you can’t afford to not gamble at a recommended Vegas Tech Casino!

Multi Hand Video Poker games include 4, 10, 20, and higher hand amounts, some even have 100 hands! It may seem impossible to play video poker and try to keep track of that many hands but the casinos make it quite easy to do. You are shown one hand at the bottom of the poker machine which is the starting hand for “all” of your hands. Then once you make your decision to hold some cards or draw all new cards this is when each hand is played separately with their own deck of cards. So if you have “3” tens showing on your main hand, and you hold those tens, then all of your hands start with three tens, and the draw is what gives you separate results.

There is a chart on the left hand side of the video poker machine showing the payouts for each type of winning hand and when your hand is done, any winning hands will be tallied on this chart showing you exactly what you won, and on how many hands. It is very easy to play and because of this ease, your confidence in your gaming decisions and your chances of winning are greatly increased.

Also available is the “Auto Hold” option which if turned on will automatically hold the cards the casino thinks will give you the best chance of obtaining a winning combination for each hand. You can use this option especially if you’re new to video poker and not sure of which combinations are the best winning ones, but if you have a good handle on the game you may wish to chose your own cards to hold and go with your gut instinct, which is how I play!

Vegas Technology graphics are superb and easy on the eyes. Very clear and smooth, with no stalling, freezing up or slow play making your gambling time spent at any Vegas Tech Casino relaxing, enjoyable and exciting.

We encourage you to give Vegas Tech Video Poker a try and think you will like what you see and may even become a loyal player! Happy Gaming

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