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It's no secret how popular bingo rooms have become in recent years on the internet. Much of that is due to the fact that the early software developed to be used in the online bingo rooms had a chat feature embedded in the software.

Capitalizing on that, most of the more popular bingo rooms often have a number of chat specials and will even give out more or higher bonuses to those players that are present in the chat rooms on a regular basis.

At times some halls will even have special tournaments and games that are annonced or talked about and promoted only in the chat rooms.

These features alone have helped drive the online bingo market to new heights. This has also increased the loyalty that many players among certain groups of bingo providers and networks.

In fact the chat rooms at most bingo halls are more popular than some of the other larger well-known social networks, and ahy wouldn't they be? What could be more fun than logging in to your favorite chat to talk with some of your world wide friends and winning a nice big bingo jackpot all at the same time?

Chat, your friends, bingo, big cash jackpots and prizes, what could be more fun?

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Whether you like to play 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo we have the resources here to get you started.

We don't have the space here on this bingo page to list all the bingo halls, but we have listed a cross section of the very best bingo rooms, and you may also take note that most online bingo parlors often offer a small freebie no deposit bonus to try out the games for free.

This often helps you feel more comfortable about how easy the games are to manage and play, and gives new players the opportunity to see how much fun playing bingo online can be. Have fun and you could be the next player to yell BINGO!

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Ruby Bingo Absolutely the BEST Bingo Room using the Playtech software available on the net. US Players are restricted from real money game play at Ruby Bingo.

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