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Video Poker History

When the first slot machines were created many years ago, the symbols that graced the screen were card symbols, so in essence the video poker area started back with the first slot machines but instead of making “card hands” to win you had to match the card symbols.

The slot machines were introduced as far back as 1899 by Charles Fey, but video poker didn’t appear on the scene until years later in the early 1970's. This is actually amazing and somewhat ironic, since poker itself was widely enjoyed by many gamblers at parlors and homes world wide, but no one envisioned putting the game of poker on a machine until this late date?

Introduced in 1970, the first video poker machine was called the “Poker-Matic Machine” and was introduced to the world by “Dale Electronics”. The Poker Matic Machine was seen in Las Vegas but not in big numbers and was not the big hit the slot machines were to the dismay of the inventors.

The age of technology was upon us and soon new and better “video poker” machines were unveiled by Walt Fraley in Las Vegas. But to many slot machine players who were used to seeing the reels spinning on the slot machines, they didn’t know what to make of these new poker machines because they were video poker and they had no spinning reels.

So over all these new video machines were not trusted by many and because of that, they did not become popular because the payouts were not trusted.

At this point in time, the slot machines in most casinos had not yet incorporated the “video” technology that these video poker machines had introduced, but eventually slot machine makers saw the potential for this new technology and incorporated them into the video slot machines we see today.

So in irony, the slot machines started the idea for poker machines, but poker machines started the “video” craze we see today in our slots and poker games!

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Introduction of Draw Poker Machine Changes History

In 1979 the IGT Company introduced their newly created “Draw Poker” machines and that was the beginning of video poker as we know it today.

Becoming hugely popular and rubbing off into the video slot arena, both of these video machines became highly popular and more trusted than any other games before. All through the 1980’s video poker and video slot machines grew by leaps and bounds in land based casinos and eventual to online casinos where video poker has become one of the most popular games played in online casinos.

In 1999, Microgaming introduced their brand of video poker games with numerous different versions and ways to play, including multi player hands and coin bets, making this type of gaming just as big as its one time rival the online slot machines.

Nowadays Video Poker is a million dollar business online and in land based casinos. When you walk into a local casino you will see hundreds of video poker machines with people happily playing and winning.

Some of these machines may include blackjack games, deuces wild games, joker’s wild games and the favorite jacks or better games, and all of these styles of games are included in all online casinos with much, much more to choose from!

So if you haven’t visited an online casino in awhile and you love to play poker, make sure to check out the line up of video poker games you have to choose from these days, you will be amazed! Happy Gaming!

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