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Having a thorough understanding of Video Poker Rules and Terms will make you a better Video Poker Player

When talking about “video poker” it’s hard to write about actual rules for the highly popular electronic game. Just as with slot machines, game play is straightforward, and ruled by player instinct.

Of course, you have the “machine” rules, which are the standard rules of operation just as with slot machines. Coin denomination and input, clickable buttons which control game play, legitimate winning hand descriptions and betting limits are the things you should be sure to familiarize yourself with.

The best advice we can offer new video poker players is to use common sense when enjoying your favorite video poker games. For example, the first time many people play an online video poker game, their first mistake is to not check the coin denomination in which they are wagering and instead of wagering 25 cents, they may wager $1or more per hand because they didn’t adjust the bet amount.

The next newbie mistake some people make can be confusion over the “hold buttons”. These are the 5 buttons directly below your hands cards. You are dealt five face up cards in which you are to make your best poker hand from. From these 5 cards on the first deal, you are to choose the ones you wish to keep to make your hand and which ones you want to receive new cards to replace in the draw. When you have chosen your best cards you are supposed to click the “hold” button for each one, then you click the draw button and the cards you did not hold are taken away and replaced with your new cards to make your final hand from.

One very close friend of us here at Video Poker World told us a story of the first time she played video poker online. Well the newbie that she was clicked on the hold button for the cards she didn’t want! Imagine her surprise when the Three Kings disappeared and were replaced by crap! She NEVER made that mistake again!

So be sure to always check the game details before playing your hand or making your initial bet, these are the best rules to remember and play by.

Below are some common video poker terms that all players should know and remember. These are the most common, but there are more and as you become a more seasoned video poker player you will learn them, but to get started these will help you to become a better poker player.

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Common Video Poker Terminology

  •  Coin Denomination - The dollar amount of your wager in coins being wagered. Usually ranging from 1 penny to $5.

  •  Draw - Choosing to replace cards in your hand with new ones is called a draw.

  •  Face Cards - All playing cards with faces [lol]… kings, jacks and queens.

  •  Hold Button - These are directly below each one of your 5 cards and when pressed will save the corresponding card to your hand.

  •  Double Button - Found on most video poker machines, these options lets you make a side wager after winning a hand to try and double you winnings, but be careful if played wrong you will lose that hands winnings.

  •  House - The Casino.
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Video Poker Hands in Asscending Ranking Order

  •  A pair - Two matching cards in your poker hand.

  •  2 pair - Two pair of matching cards in your poker hand. Example - 2 x 5’s & 2 x’s queens.

  •  3 of a kind - Three matching cards - example [three fives, three 10’s or three kings].

  •  Full House - A pair and three of a kind in one hand. Example - 2 x 5’s & 3 x’s queens.

  •  Straight - 5 cards that run in succession. Example 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [suit does not matter].

  •  Flush - 5 cards that are of the same suit [order makes no difference].

  •  4 of a kind - Four matching cards regardless of suit.

  •  Straight Flush - 5 cards that run in succession and are of the same suit.

  •  Royal Flush - One of the hardest hands to get and pays some of the biggest prizes. A Royal Straight Flush consists of all 5 cards starting from the 10 to Ace in the same suit.

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